Main Symptoms Of Dependent Personality Disorder

People who suffer from DPD feel an excessive and persistent need to be taken care of. Which often results in submissive and clingy behavior. As always I advise anyone who are experiencing signs or symptoms of any mental illness or if you feel something isn’t right, please seek the aid or help of a mentalContinue reading “Main Symptoms Of Dependent Personality Disorder”

Commonly Used Treatments For Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are difficult conditions to treat. As well as the stigma that goes along with it. I have heard many people saying that there are no treatment available for persons diagnosed with personality disorders and its hopeless. This is far from the truth, there are a variety of treatment that may aid in theContinue reading “Commonly Used Treatments For Personality Disorders”

Supporting A Spouse or Partner Who Has BPD: Here Are Some Tips That Can Help.

Borderline personality disorder is a very difficult illness and there seems to be a lot of stigma surrounding it. Nevertheless, people with this disorder suffer tremendously, whether you have the disorder yourself or you have a loved one who has this disorder. My advice to you is to stay strong there is hope and treatmentContinue reading “Supporting A Spouse or Partner Who Has BPD: Here Are Some Tips That Can Help.”

Complex Personality Disorder: An Unclear Diagnosis

What would you do if a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist gave you a diagnosis that you didn’t understand or isn’t clear to you? In every instance when something like this happens, the patient or client is left in limbo feeling uncertain about anything with regard to his/her diagnosis. If for any reason you did notContinue reading “Complex Personality Disorder: An Unclear Diagnosis”