Trauma Bonding

What is Trauma Bonding?

Trauma bonding means that you are emotionally or psychologically attached to someone who abuses you. If you have trauma bonding, you feel like you can’t leave this relationship or your entire life will be destroyed.

The reason why anyone would keep going back to a toxic relationship with a narcissist is because of Narcissistic trauma bonding. Under normal circumstances one might be able to walk away from our abuser an look for help elsewhere unfortunately the conditions that create trauma bonding are not normal at all.

With “Narcissistic Trauma Bonding,” you are initially showered with intense love and approval. It is like a  fantasy come true. Then gradually the ratio of positive to negative events shifts—often so subtly that you cannot say exactly when this happened. You find yourself in fights with someone you desperately love who claims that everything bad that is happening is all your fault.

Set Yourself Free

Unless you walk out immediately and never look back, you are well on your way to becoming this person’s psychic prisoner. You will find yourself “Trauma Bonded” to someone who is destroying you. This is like your own personal drug addiction crisis. You are now addicted to this person’s approval and only desire their love and no one else’s. You know you should stop, but you do not have the willpower to do so on your own.

My advice would be is leave this toxic narcissistic relationship, go no contact and seek help and start the healing process.

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