Complex Personality Disorder: An Unclear Diagnosis

What would you do if a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist gave you a diagnosis that you didn’t understand or isn’t clear to you? In every instance when something like this happens, the patient or client is left in limbo feeling uncertain about anything with regard to his/her diagnosis. If for any reason you did notContinue reading “Complex Personality Disorder: An Unclear Diagnosis”

The Journey To Recovery After A Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder diagnosis So, you have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder! And now you are wondering what’s next. As with any diagnosis of illness whether it’s a physical or mental illness, you would be stunned, scared or possibly in denial. The first thing you should do is take time to digest the information you gotContinue reading “The Journey To Recovery After A Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder”

Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder

How Is Bipolar Disorder Diagnosed? One important thing to know is how mental illnesses are diagnosed and what to expect on your visit to your doctor. In order to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a mental health professional must form a diagnosis and to do this a person must first meet the diagnostic criteria forContinue reading “Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder”