Why You Should Hire a Personal Development Coach?

We all have so many dreams and plans for our lives. But as we know it life is full of disappointments that we either give up on those dreams or are unable to make the progress we desire in our career or our personal lives. It is only normal to feel discouraged when we areContinue reading “Why You Should Hire a Personal Development Coach?”

5 Tips To Set Boundaries.

Do you struggle setting boundaries in your relationship? Well, you’re not alone! In fact many people do struggle with setting boundaries and feel guilty about it. The thing is that boundaries are crucial and the foundation of healthy relationships and helps couple create a strong sense of self-worth. According to mental health professionals and self-helpContinue reading “5 Tips To Set Boundaries.”

Low Cost Coaching Sessions

Hi everyone, Coach Amy here Enriched Mindset coaching is now offering Low Cost Coaching. With coaching FEES from as low as $20 USD per session. I have attached the flier to this blog. When scheduling your FREE consultation make sure to mention the promotion and present the flier as well, to take advantage of this limited time offer.  Special conditionsContinue reading “Low Cost Coaching Sessions”

Rewired Brain: Learn New Ways Of Thinking & Feeling.

Hi Everyone, Today my blog post is on Rewiring the Brain. I personally believe that our mindset is everything, it can make you or break you. But how great it will be if we can master our own mindset and stop being a prisoner of our thoughts and feelings. Yesterday I came across a veryContinue reading “Rewired Brain: Learn New Ways Of Thinking & Feeling.”