Rewired Brain: Learn New Ways Of Thinking & Feeling.

rewiring the brain

Hi Everyone,

Today my blog post is on Rewiring the Brain. I personally believe that our mindset is everything, it can make you or break you. But how great it will be if we can master our own mindset and stop being a prisoner of our thoughts and feelings. Yesterday I came across a very interesting researched based article about Neuroplasticity and Rewiring the Brain. What rewiring the brain means is that we can literally rewire our brains for success in every aspect of our lives.

Neuroplasticity/Rewired brain

The rewired brain

“Neuroplasticity provides us with a brain that can adapt not only to changes inflicted by damage, but allows adaptation to any and all experiences and changes we may encounter” Seems great right? You see our brain is constantly adapting and rewiring itself, and your thoughts and behavior influences this process. Meaning that if we engage in certain patterns of thoughts and behaviors and they are being repeated enough, it makes a strong connection, which is also known as a neural pathway, which is then created.

Every time you think, feel or do anything, billions of roads and pathways light up each time. Some of the roads are well traveled, these are your habits, your way of thinking, feelings and doing. Believe it or not, every time you think in a certain way, practice a particular task, or feel a specific emotion, you are actively strengthening this road, and it becomes easier for your brain to travel this pathway when similar situations or circumstances are encountered in the future. Basically you become what you think.

The good news is that we all have the ability to learn new ways of thinking and feeling, by changing and rewiring our brains. If you have ever changed a bad habit or thought about something differently, you have carved a new pathway in your brain, you were experiencing neuroplasticity firsthand. Here is how you can achieve this on your own or with the help of a Mindset Coach: with repeated and direct attention towards the desired change you want to make, you can effectively rewire your brain to move forward and live a healthy, abundant life, making your mind work for you.


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