The Most Powerful Form Of Manipulation

Master Manipulators

Don’t you just hate manipulative behavior? From Narcissists, Psychopaths, Sociopaths, bullies and the sweet talkers. The world is filled with people who would say or do anything they want and won’t hesitate to use you for their personal gain.

This blog is meant to identify the most powerful form of MANIPULATION, if you hate manipulative behavior this blog is for you. There are many ways people try to manipulate others, if I were to list all this would be a really long article so I decided to limit manipulation to the most powerful form. Happy Reading!!

FRAME CONTrol Manipulation

Frame Control Manipulation

The is said to be the single most powerful, yet the least understood, weapon someone could use against you is FRAME CONTROL.

So what is frame control?

Frame control is making someone fit into your reality and see things from your perspective. Usually the person who is dominant is the one who controls the FRAME, which is the unspoken meaning for the interaction.

For Example:

When a child speaks with a parent, the parent controls the frame.

When an employee speaks with the boss, the boss controls the frame.

In a friendship or relationship, generally the one who cares less, or has the perceived value, controls the frame.

So that you understand what frame control is look out for the frames below that manipulative people will often to use on you:

  • They are the leader you are the follower
  • They are the master you are the student
  • They are “better than you, and you need to try to impress them
  • Their beliefs, opinions and perspectives are the only ones that matter and its’ more valid than yours.
  • Their desires, goals and wishes are more important than yours.
  • Their time is more valuable than yours
  • You owe them, and they’re somehow entitled to have something from you.

If you buy into any of these frames – you’ve already lost.

Force you into their reality no matter how insane or twisted it may seem

The fact of the matter is a manipulative person will always try to control as much of any situation as they could, and force you to enter into their reality no matter how insane and twisted it may seem. Manipulators will never allow themselves to enter into your reality, nor will they allow themselves to see things from your perspective, unless it is to gather some personal information they can use against you in the future.

So the reality is if you want to manipulate someone, you must be able to control the frame and force them to buy into your reality. I won’t personally advise anyone to try this on anyone.

Author’s Note: A lot of people who are manipulators are usually those that lack empathy as well. Like Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), Psychopathy (Psychopaths and sociopaths) etc. These people are incapable of placing themselves in another persons shoe.

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