Struggling With Indecisiveness? 6 Ways To Cure It.

Pleasant day to my followers, clients and readers. Have you ever felt stuck in such a way you were unable to make a decision? Possibly you have been there. In times like this you kind of know what to do, but just can’t seem to get yourself to do it because you feel conflicted at the same time.

In a situation like this, you may have eventually forced yourself into making a decision, or NOT. If you didn’t make a decision, then you still made a decision. You chose not to go through with your decision, in reality its a decision within itself. Or perhaps you forced a decision and now your just sitting there feeling full of regret.

Let’s face it we have all experiences moments in our life where making a tough and challenging decision is harder then scrapping that dirty piece of chewing gum from under your shoe. Within the moments of indecision

Did you know the longer we remain indecisive the more anxious we feel? And then when we are pressured to make a decision we do so emotionally, and there is when mistakes are made and we pay the penalty for playing the “indecision game”. Actually, delaying making the tough decisions that costs us more than anything else. This doesn’t mean we need to rush when making our decisions. Rushing decisions may also bring about some serious consequences and maybe some unforgettable regrets.

Let’s look at it this way if rushing decisions isn’t the answer, or delaying decisions gets us nowhere, then what’s the solution to indecisiveness? Below I have listed 6 steps to help you with the process.

6 Steps to cure indecisiveness

The solution would be to think things through any tough decision using these steps:

  1. Identifying the decision that must be made.
  2. Conducting the research to determine the potential outcomes of that decision.
  3. Take into consideration the alternatives and consequences of each decision.
  4. Seek, out objective opinions from friends and family who have your best interest at heart.
  5. Commit yourself to making your decision.
  6. Monitor your progress and results.

When decision-making unfolds as a process of steps we will be naturally inclined to think things through in a more rational and careful way. However, mistakes can and will at times be made.

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