Having A New Outlook On Life

How to develop personal empowerment:

For us to develop personal empowerment usually involves us making some Fundamental changes in our life which is not always an easy process for most of us. To achieve any degree of change, definitely differ from individual to individual, depending on an individual’s start point.

Below I have listed a very useful step by step process to develop personal empowerment. It can be used generally, or to look at your life as a whole or a way to help you deal with a single issue that you are facing.

6 Steps for Personal Empowerment

Let’s get started:

  1. You need to identify a goal that is especially focused on power – For example, something that can increase your influence over your colleagues.
  2. Increase your knowledge – this step will help you to understand more about the subject or situation at hand. If you wish to have more influence over your colleagues, you need to understand the politics in the organization. To influence your family’s holiday choices, you need to know what each person wants, and who has the most influence at the moment.
  3. Increase your self-efficacy, or belief that you can achieve – Before you to take action, you need to believe deep down that you can achieve your goal. Knowing that you have the necessary information can help. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses will also help you to understand where you are most likely to achieve.
  4. Increase your skills and competence – You will also need to improve your skills to become more influential. However, as you start to talk or socialize with people more, and try to influence them, you will rapidly learn what works, and therefore will develop your skills!
  5. Take action—and keep taking action – Personal empowerment means not being ‘knocked back’ by the first problem we encounter, but having the resilience, and persistence to keep going and seek other ways to achieve our goals.
  6. Assess your impact – Empowerment is about changing the impact that you have on others and on events. It is therefore important to assess your impact. At first, you may not see much change, but even small changes count as success.

Source: skillsyouneed.com

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