Narcissism Ranked by Zodiac signs

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) here they are linked to the zodiac signs from the most Narcissistic to the least. Both men and women are ranked.

According to Sigmund Freud everyone has some form of narcissism, but it is considered troublesome or a disorder when it occurs after puberty and when the traits are at the extreme levels of narcissism.

Aries Men: Overt Narcissist

What is an Overt Narcissist?
Overt narcissism revolves around grandiosity. This type of personality seems self-sufficient and believes that they are entitled to achieve outstanding success. Such people demand everything on a grander scale. They also have intense ambitions regarding anything.
Aries men are without a doubt alpha males. They are leaders in their own right. They are extroverted, determined, and when provoked have explosive temperaments. As narcissists, Aries men tend to fall into the category of overt narcissism. Overt narcissists are classified as individuals with massive egos, with a constant need to be in control.

When things aren’t going their way, they can get verbally and even physically aggressive. These men do what they want, when they want and don’t feel remorse about how it might affect anyone else. When they lash out, don’t expect an apology then either. Overt narcissists are also very oppressive individuals. They’re the dominant ones, and everyone else is below them. Aries men are typically large and loud personalities, but add the overt narcissism to the mix and those qualities become over the top.

Aries Women: Phallic Narcissist

What is a Phallic Narcissist?
One who has a low sense of security. Phallic narcissist feel that the only people they can communicate with are people only as brilliant as they are. they tend to befriend people with gifts of intelligence only to extend there reputation.
Aries women are the take-charge kind of person. They have no problem taking initiative on tasks at hand and are the leaders of their lives. They’re always striving to better themselves and to reach their goals; which can sometimes lead to slightly impulsive behaviors, as they tend to jump head first into their latest schemes. As a narcissist, Aries women fall into the category known as a phallic narcissist.

Phallic narcissists are defined as determined, self-assured individuals, who are empowered by social success. These women want to do well, and they want everyone to know it. They’re elitist as they try to climb the social ladder to increase their image. Often they are self-promoting and constantly bragging about their latest achievement, but don’t let this fool you! Deep down they happen to be very sensitive, in which they seek admiration in order to overcompensate their insecurities.

Scorpio Men: Malignant Narcissist

What is a malignant narcissist?

Malignant narcissism is among the darkest proposed types of personality, combining both traits of narcissism and antisocial behaviour with possible sadism.

Scorpio men are very passionate. While they may not always share how they are feeling these men do have intense emotions. They’re brave, passionate, stubborn, jealous and even violent. When it comes to their narcissistic tendencies Scorpio men belong in the Malignant Narcissist category.

This is perhaps one of the worst forms of narcissism as, unlike they other sub-groups of narcissists, malignant narcissists have some paranoid traits. This level of narcissism is extremely powerful and the more gratification they receive from their accomplishments the worse their narcissistic traits become. Malignant narcissists seek to have complete and utter control in all areas of their lives, including in relationships. They will do whatever it takes to maintain that control as well, so don’t get in their way. They don’t care about being liked, they only seek to dominate others, and receive their admiration.

Scorpio Women: Vindictive Narcissist

Never get on the bad side of a Scorpio woman! These women are usually fiercely loyal and protective; however, once you make an enemy out of her be warned. Scorpio women love to have control and will gain it through whatever means necessary, even if that means she will have to manipulate the situation a bit. Out of all the sub-types of narcissism, Scorpio women typically are Vindictive Narcissists.

They are classified as such due to their determination to get back at whoever had wronged them. Whether they’ve been wronged or someone simply tried to take over the power from them vindictive narcissist will set out to destroy them. They need to prove to you that you’re inferior to them. Nothing can appease these narcissists more than destroying and causing havoc in their targeted person’s life. Watch out for a vindictive Scorpio woman’s stinger, as these narcissists are highly aggressive and toxic!

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