You Get What You Tolerate


Be Careful what you tolerate

What are we teaching people? Are we really creating problems, more distress for ourselves in what we tolerate from others from a loved one perhaps? I believe that it all begins with us; how much do we understand about ourselves, self-love likes and dislikes and standing firm for what we believe in. What are we teaching others about us and who we are? We are all special and unique, males and females alike but knowing what we stand for is essential for setting the foundation for others on how to treat us. Are we responsible for how others treat us by what we tolerate from them? I sincerely believe that it begins with us and what we tolerate from others. Don’t be fooled tolerating poor behavior from others does not prove to others our love for them, it just takes away from us, it just feeds on our energy leaving us weak and vulnerable.


Poor behavior should never be tolerated no matter how much we love that special someone. You believe that you deserve better, strive for better and stand firm for what you believe in. No love is worth your self-respect and dignity. We all deserve to be loved for who we are at our best and at our worst, not many of us are aware of it but from the very first day, we tolerate bad or poor behavior we were setting the foundation for further mistreatment. Reflect on a particular time, you were mistreated and think at that very moment how would you have liked to be treated at that very moment but you put your feelings aside because of your love for that special someone. So my question today is: How many times have you tolerated poor behavior in the past?


Published by Coach Amy

BS, Psychology graduate, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) Certified Confidence Life Coach,

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