Retraining your inner voice



Retraining your inner voice after years of being with an abuser who constantly invaded your true inner voice feeding it negatively, it will take practice and patience to learn to hear your own intuition and inner voice after you have been conditioned over time to ignore your own true perceptions.

Only you have the wisdom deep inside, that is compassionate and intelligent. Only you alone hold the key and the power to choose to perceive yourself and the world around you in a new way or in the way you once perceived them before the abuser invaded your inner voice.

Use these tips to help you retrain your inner voice:

Learn to Over-ride these Untrue Perceptions – Trust your intuition and listen to hear your own guiding voice. There are other voices in your head; negative, untrue invading voices but you need to be able to tell which one is your own. The ones that are true, and real, the ones that hold your true qualities and intelligence. It will take time but you will find it if you listen closely.

Learning what selfish and What’s Not – It is not selfish to set boundaries and to protect your emotional and mental health. Take the first step in doing what’s best for you, your brain and heart.

IGNORE these negative thoughts when it enters your mind 

you are not good enough

you are inadequate

something is wrong with you 

you do not deserve happiness

you have nothing special to offer anyone

you will just ruin it so why bother trying

Stop looking for the answers from strangers the answers to your life are within you only you know what makes your heart feel at home

Always remind yourself that those negative voices are NOT your own thoughts and you will be able to tell because they do not support who you truly are. Remember you were conditioned to ignore your true inner voice by your abuser.


Published by Coach Amy

BS, Psychology graduate, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) Certified Confidence Life Coach,

5 thoughts on “Retraining your inner voice

  1. I watched a great TEDTalk (which I can no longer find!) by a woman who trained a new voice to talk back to this negative, dream-crushing doubt with great success.

    Regardless of how it’s done, we can’t live by that monster!

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  2. Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this write-up
    plus the rest of the site is also really good.


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