To Each His Own


To each his own! How many people actually believe this? 

I am an active user of the Quora digest and it is very interesting if you all don’t know about the site you should visit. I visit the site every day for the past 6 months and it’s a great website where you can ask any questions you like and receive honest and unbiased answers. Wait did I just say! “UNBIASED”; Well except for any questions about GOD maybe there are other biased answers but GOD is the question that gets the most attention from the Atheists I mean.

My question is Athesis always trying to force their opinions about God on others? I thought everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I have no problems with the Athesis however, I do have a problem with them trying to force their opinions; is like there everywhere trolling certain sites.

I say believe in what you want what makes you feel comfortable no one should ever try to force their opinions on you.

Here is a perfect example of forcing your beliefs on someone.

During my years of studying psychology if someone were to ask me a question like this, I’d offer words of encouragement or maybe tell this person to speak to a Psychologist on how they are feeling. Atheist just takes things to a whole different level. See below:


Amazingly two Atheist had this to say and maybe to an already distraught individual, whatever his or her reason is for asking a question like this. See Below:

1. Anonymous Atheist answered: You have a negative outlook of yourself, but don’t worry about it is because of a vengeful God…Why you may ask? Well, there is no such thing as God. You will find people with negative attitudes tend to attract negative events, it’s not because of a vengeful none existent God. Be positive in your outlook and actions and you will find more positive than negative things start to happen to you.

2. Anonymous Atheist answered: By not following his rules.




Atheist cults – Conservapedia – > Atheist




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